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Hi, I’m Tekson Teo

Wu Wei is powerful for its simplicity.

You go right to the essence, find the rhythm, and get things done by tapping into the flow of nature.

You’re calm, easy, and confident – no matter what challenges you’re facing or how busy you are. 

It helps you fulfill more at work, with your relationships, and in life. It helps you to be a more effective leader. 

Having been studying the practice for decades, I have quite a bit to share.

You may wonder why I put wu wei, the Tao Te Ching and Qigong together. 

In the first place, they’re where my best strength is. At the same time, they bring tremendous benefits if you can combine them as one. 

  • Wu Wei puts the wisdom to work. At work, with your relationships, and being a leader.
  • The Tao Te Ching is the fountain of the wisdom. 
  • Qigong not only helps you stay healthy and keep in shape, it is a litmus test of wether you’re getting the wisdom right. If you are not flowing like water, you know it immediately.  

I’ll be delighted if you can include me in your exciting life journey. 

Let me know what you feel about the books or programs that I am providing. I am grateful. 

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