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Have the cake and eat it too. Learn the art of wu wei. Manage the delicate balance of effort and ease. Achieve more in life without tolling your health and personal well-being.

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Have Your Cake & Eat It Too. Actions Without Strive.

If you’re an achiever with a fire in the belly, it can be hard to slow down or do less. But continuing to push hard can toll your health and personal well-being.

What should you do? Is there a way to have the cake and eat it too? The good news is there is. The secret lies in the practice of wu wei, also known as non-doing.

Wu Wei a way of life

It’s good to be busy. But if you have to struggle to get things done, it’s time to step back and examine how you exert your effort, and look into the power of wu wei.  

What is Wu Wei

Wu wei means doing nothing in Chinese. But the connotation of “nothing” here is unique. There is an underlying force that keeps the entire universe in order. Lao Tzu calls it the Tao. Since the Tao is invisible, he gives it another name – nothingness. 

So doing nothing is not about doing absolutely nothing but harnessing the invisible Tao. It helps us achieve more by doing less by going with the flow of nature. 

Balance Effort and Ease

The best performers put in effort but don’t strive. The moment when there is a forced effort, diminishing returns sets in, and their performances go downhill. Not only is additional effort wasteful, but it is also harmful.

Whether in the sports, the arts, or business, when the performers are at their best, you see an intricate balancing of effort and ease. It’s where the subtlety of wu wei lies. 

Achieve More by Doing Less

Wu Wei Comes Alive

Wu wei is not just a philosophy. It’s real, and you’re going to see how it works by following the program. It takes you one step along the journey that combines the best of both worlds – You achieve more without the stress.

Meet Tekson Teo

Hi, I am Tekson Teo, a wu wei coach. 

For decades, I’ve been intrigued by individuals who seem to be able to see what others can’t. They’re calm and easy. Never in a hurry and don’t care to compete – but are always the ones who enjoy the last laughs. 

Tekson Wu Wei Coach
I am fascinated by people who are naturally wu wei

They feel the pulses of what’s going on and move in tandem with the flow. They know when to move forward and when to stop. With a nose for opportunities, they make the best of every moment. Their ability to balance effort and ease is fascinating. Whether they’re aware or not, they’re practicing wu wei. 

You Can benefit more from wu wei too

Join me for the program that takes you one step at a time to understand the wisdom of wu wei, and put it into practice to see results. You’ll be amazed how you can achieve more by doing less – with no compromise on what matters to you in life.

Program releasing in June 2022

I’m releasing the program in June 2022. Sign up for the waitlist now. We will keep you posted on its launch and early-bird benefits. 

We apologize that due to technical reasons, we’ll postpone the launch to the first week of July 2022. Thank you for your understanding and patience.