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Ping Shuai Gong English Explanation

Ping Shuai Gong English Explanation with video demonstration by Shifu Tekson Teo

Ping Shuai Gong is a qigong exercise that is as simple you do nothing more then swinging your arms. Furthermore, it is so easy you can learn it in 10 minutes. 

Despite the simplicity, doing it consistently brings you impressive results. For the very least, it helps you relax after a day’s work. If you can practice it regularly daily, it enables you to stay healthy and in shape. 

There are many stories about how ping shuai gong helps heal diseases, and they can be challenging as advanced-stage cancer. This simple exercise attracts so many testimonials. Among them is the sharing of a medical doctor are used to suffer from thee third-stage colorectal cancer.  Watch how he overcomes the conditions, having practiced the exercise for three months (watch the video, although there is no ping shuai gong English translation, it is quite self-explanatory).   

The exercise was developed and made popular by a Taiwanese qigong master Li Feng Shan.

To do the exercise, stand with your two feet apart at the shoulder width, raise your arms to your shoulder level, stay very relaxed. Then, drop your arms and start swinging.

Slightly squat your body at every fifth swing and bounce back. It would help if you didn’t protrude your bottom when you’re doing this. It can impede the energy flow.

Do it for 10 minutes, and you achieve about 500 swings. You’ll get the energy in your body to move the qi energy to the fingertips, among the parts that are furthermost away from our tummy. Dantian, where the qi of our body is stored, is located there.

If you can swing your arms and allow the qi energy to flow to the tips of the fingers, it means that the qi energy is flowing to the ultimate. It also means that the qi energy is flowing to almost every part of the body.

If you can go on for another 10 minutes, you’ll allow the energy to clear blockages in the body,

Persist for another 10 minutes — which means you are doing 30 minutes at one go — then the body is in the state that you’ll find where the problems are in your body, and it starts doing some healing. If you have some medical issues or deficiency in the body, this can be very helpful.

And that’s why if you are using it to heal, it is more effective to do it half an hour a day.

Further information about Ping Shuai Shou English

There are many videos on YouTube talking about the exercise. The best resource is Master Li Fengshan’s YouTube channel Meimen Pingshuai. Although most of the resources are in Mandarin, they are still an excellent reference for non-mandarin speakers if you know the basics with this article and video. 

Can I combine the exercise with other exercises?

Of course. You can do it as a standalone exercise. You can use it as a warmup for other qigong exercises. Smoothening the flow of the qi energy in your body makes different sequences that you do more effective. You can also use it as a warmup for non-qigong exercises, such as jogging at swimming. 

What is the best timing for practicing the exercise?

You can do it any time, although many people like to do it early in the morning. You may also try it at night. For most people, it helps them sleep better.

Do I have to do the squat every five swings?

According to Master Li, the squat is meant to help make the movements less monotonous. If you find that you can do about it, it is fine. By the same token, it doesn’t matter if you skip a squat or two in the practice process.

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