Wu Wei Comes Alive by Tekson Teo

By letting it go it all gets done

Wu Wei Comes Alive

Tap into the flow of nature to get things done effortlessly. You are calm and relaxed, yet you achieve more with better results.

To get the most from what you do,

Don’t Work Hard

In everything we do, there is a natural thrust of flow. Leverage the flow, and you get more done effortlessly. Find out how you can do it by following the simple steps outlined in Wu Wei Comes Alive.

Tekson Teo

Hi, I’m Tekson Teo,

In everything we do, there is a natural thrust of flow. You feel it in the way you run, the way you speak, or the way you cook dinner. The more you can go with the flow; the better results will come to you.

As far as possible, don’t impede the flow, or you’ll compromise the results by preventing nature from doing its best. Rather than intervening and imposing your will, find out what’s occurring in the situation and flow with it. 

In this way, you can ride the waves of nature to get things done. Nature is powerful, and it makes what you do powerful. You are easy and calm yet fully engaged; things happen as if with little effort on your part.

The best performers, be they in sports, the arts, or business, attest to it.  

The more natural they are, the better is their performance. 

When they’re too eager to win and become nervous, their performance goes downhill. In everything you do, find the sweet spot for exerting effort. 

This is what I talk about in Wu Wei Comes Alive.

To be natural, however, is not easy. I went through years of struggle without any breakthrough. 

I was aware of the wonder of wu wei. Who doesn’t want to let go and relax to achieve better results? But it’s easier said than done. I knew I had to stay calm in the face of challenges, but I couldn’t help but easily feel upset when things didn’t happen the way I wanted. I continued to bury myself deep in work.   

Fortunately, I finally connected the dots. 

A breakthrough took place only when I reunited with my Tai Chi Master.  

I was amazed to see how he optimizes every bit of energy under his disposal, and can easily toss off an opponent half his age and twice his size. It was all about going with the trajectory of flow to multiply the thrust and prevail.     

It’s wu wei in action. When I saw how my master optimize the little energy that the is in control of, I knew I had found the answers I wanted.  

THE PRACTICE NOW MAKES EVEN MORE SENSE when I related it to the thousands of people I had worked with. By applying the same principle to things you do, wu wei is no longer just a concept to me. The confounding paradoxes now work like charms, freeing me from the chains of the old ways.

Not only do you make every bit of energy count, but you also multiply it with leverage. You make a little bit of energy to become a lot.

It’s how the old master can have the strength to throw a young opponent off the right. If you know how tai chi master uses his energy, you know how you can maximize yours and exert a little effort to achieve a lot. 

You accomplish more by letting it go. 

It led me to develop the four-step approach and the writing of Wu Wei Come Alive. Hope you’ll like it.

Wu Wei Comes Alive


What People are Saying

Although elusive, the book makes the powerful concept of Wu Wei comes alive and applicable in the daily context to enrich your life.

Wu Wei Comes Alive is a book which teaches Daoist wisdom and how to apply to everyday life. This is a very difficult topic, difficult because you are dealing with deep philosophy, however its value is only found if you can make it part of your everyday activity. This book does this nicely. Wu Wei Comes Alive explains what the difficult terms in Daoism mean, and
makes them relevant to everyday life. It does this by giving simple advice using some classic, and some modern examples. The book also sets out, in general terms, a program for making this wisdom something that can benefit your life. However, it avoids a step-by-step program where you have to start at point 1 and go to point 10. This makes it beneficial, and yet eminently readable.
I started reading the book immediately after I got it and couldn’t stop myself from not covering the whole book as soon as possible, I’m going to read it again and again. Wu Wei Comes Alive was such an amazing book, it was such an illuminating, uplifting and enlightening book. There are books that one meets and they change the course of one’s life dramatically and Wu Wei Comes Alive was such a book for me. As I had expected every page of it was showered by endless gems of wisdom. All I know is that you have done a monumental task, that of trying to pour the ocean into a pitcher. When I finished the book, I wish it were something like a thousand or more pages illustrated extensively by chapters and commentaries from Tao Te Ching, I Ching, Chuang Zi, Lei Tzu, and through your own profound understanding of Tao and life. I have always been in love with these two words: Wu Wei.
Saber Rasouli