Getting Things Done


There is one thing in common for all best performers: NO WASTEFUL EXERTION OF EFFORT. Everything is so natural. As if the ways a bird flies or a fish  swims. It is known as Wuwei, or non-doing. Apply the principle to the way you live and work, and see a transformation coming your way. Sign up for the FREE training with high-performance coach TEKSON TEO to find out how.

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The mini-course consists of four lessons; each takes you less than an hour to complete. 

When you are up to our nose in work, don’t rush for another productivity tool to help squeeze in more tasks in the limited time you have. Counter overwhelm by working harder is like trying to put out a fire with fire. It will not work! 

Observe how nature works and learn from it. This is what the ancient teaches us in the practice of wuwei, also known as effortless doing or non-doing.  It is the best strategy to cope with the world of frantic doing. 

- Tekson Teo

High-Performance Coach
specialized in Wuwei
Qigong with Tekson Teo

Message from the Coach - Tekson Teo

Tap into the power of nature

There is a fine line between working hard and exerting wasteful effort. If we are not careful, we invite stress, anxiety, and burnout to tilt our balance off. In the process, we suffer the impasse of neglected relationships and missed opportunities.  

I know how this can be because I have experienced that many, many times, especially in the early years of my career.  I knew I had to change how I manage my personal energy and time, or I’d have to face a whole host of health and relationship problems later on.

I found a solution in the ancient practice of wuwei, or non-doing. It is sometimes referred to as “going with the flow of nature”.

Join the course. It is FREE.

The mini-course consists of four lessons; each takes you less than an hour to complete.

The Program

manage timing

Wasteful effort hinders success.  

Get things done without over-exerting yourself reduces stress, prevents burnout, and brings out the best in you. It is THE WAY. 

How do you do it? 

Go with the flow of nature. 

Start by managing timing, not just time.

We know the importance of making hay while the sun shines and strikes while the iron is hot but often forget it in our planning. Infuse the energy of timing into our to-do lists, and it changes the dynamics of the ways we manage our time and personal energy, and effectiveness arises naturally. 

Tekson Teo, a high-performance coach, enlivens time management with the ancient of wuwei, also known as effortless doing, and makes it even more delightful. 

See how the approach can improve the ways you live and work as a breath of fresh air. Sign up for the program now. It is FREE.

It is a mini-course that consists of four lessons, each takes you less than an hour to complete.