Wu Wei | Qigong

By letting it go, it all gets done.

Wu Wei Comes Alive

Meaning of Wu Wei – More than Not Doing

What is the meaning of wu wei? The simple answer is "doing nothing." The word is a translation of 无为, ...
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Doing Nothing - Wu Wei Philosophy

Achieving More by Doing Nothing – Wu Wei Philosophy

If you’re struggling to get things done, take a step back. You may have exerted your effort the wrong way ...
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Magic Qigong

Zhan Zhuang Made Easy Standing Like a Tree Standing Like a Tree is a very simple exercise. What you do ...
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different types of Qigong
Beginning Qigong Different Type of Qigong There are so many different types of qigong around. Thousands of them. For anyone ...
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What is Qigong? It gets your body to work, not you. Qigong is an inner exercise. Not knowing the fundamental ...
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Arm-Swinging Qigong
Simple and Effective Ping Shuai Gong - The Chinese Arm Swinging Exercise Ping Shuai Gong, the Chinese arm swinging exercise, ...
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Breathe slowly to stay healthy
Why deep breathing is important Benefits of Qigong Breathing If you can breathe slowly and deeply, chances are you'd live ...
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qigong exercise
There are already many morning qigong exercises available on the Internet. Why do I come out with another one? First ...
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how to pronounce qigong
How to pronounce Qigong? Although more and more people are practicing qigong, many still cannot pronounce the name correctly. This ...
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